Alpacas at Holistic Farms

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Alpacas At Holistic Farms is a dream come true for me.

Alpacas At Holistic Farms

We’re a Huacaya Alpaca farm located in Gorham, ME which is located west of Portland, ME. We offer alpaca sales an online as well as an onsite farm store and interactive alpaca tours.

Alpacas At Holistic Farms is a dream come true for me. I have always enjoyed farming and animals have been an extremely important part of my life. I grew up in the country and competed in both 4 H and FFA. I have owned many kinds of animals during my life but I really wanted to get alpacas ever since I first saw them in the ’70s.

Dave and I retired in 2019 and decided to improve our property and create a small farm to enjoy and keep us busy. We now have blueberries and fruit trees as well as our annual garden. Dave is studying and working on the permaculture aspect of our farm. I was really excited to get our first alpacas in 2021. Dave was delighted that I was excited about the alpacas but he is more into the plant side of the farm.

The alpacas all started with Annie and Harley and the herd has grown from there. We have learned so much in a very short time! We have 11 alpacas with the cria that were born this year. We are limited in the size of our alpaca herd due to zoning so we will always have some alpacas for sale. I want to keep our alpacas healthy and happy as well as steadily improve and diversify our bloodlines and the fiber our alpacas produce. I enjoy the daily interaction with our herd and seeing the new crias in the spring. I look forward to taking the juvenile and yearling alpacas to the shows for competition.

Having alpacas has also helped me with expanding my knowledge of the textile industry. I learned how to spin the fiber into yarn last winter and now I am now weaving too. It is very satisfying to take a product that our alpacas produce and create new art forms with it. There is always something new to learn and enjoy. As our experience grows I look forward to all the people I will meet and to introducing them to the joys of farming. Whether it is with the alpacas, the horse, or the fruits and vegetables we produce. I am so glad we retired so we have time to learn new things and to do all the things we have wanted to do!!